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Graciela's Evaluation Mission of CWEP Project Trip. Jully 2011

Graciela's Evaluation Mission of CWEP Project Trip. Jully 2011
Graciela's Evaluation Mission of CWEP Project Trip. Jully 2011

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In July, 2011, Mrs. Graciela ANDRADE-CIANFRINI, a Project Supportor and the fundraiser, ( Rome-Italy ), came to Cambodia as the second time for her Evaluation Mission of the CWEP Project. I was took her a tour to visit the residential site of Project and shown her the thing that the donors donated, and moreover, we had enjoy lunch together with the family at the site as well.

Mrs. Graciela performed her own emotional and her commiseration to those families who are living in the poor condition, while she experience the real lives of those familes through her eyes. Mrs. Graciela, is an enthusiastic person and a true humanitarian in surviving the poor to be better life. She is not only a project supporter and the fund raiser, but she has contributed the funds for two clean water pump wells and bicycles for transfer the children go to school, the vitamin milk for the baby who less vitamin from his mother when he was in the pregnant even if after the birth. I am really appreciate to her hard work and we are working together on this project smoothly.

After her return back home, she has got more donations to support the CWEP Project from her colleagues and friends. Some of her friends contributed the funds for the clean water pump well on the special occassion of the Christmas Day and New Year Eve, and some provided the wells for dedicated to her late husband Mr. Massimo CIANFRINI, under the name of "Donated by the friends of Massimo". This is a great work of Mrs. Graciela as a true humanitarian who always concerning about the health of the poor people in the rural communities who are disable.

Thank you very much to Mrs. Graciela on your hard work in dissemination the information of the CWEP Project among your friends and colleagues to find more donations to support our CWEP Project to help the poor poeple who have no clean water to drink. As the water is the most essential element and the most needed by the human being that nobody can live without water. Mrs. Graciela do the right way on this Project to surviving them with the clean water pump well for the clean drinking, bathing, feeding the family crops etc. The excellence work all you have done and being done, please GOD in new year may bring you with the best wishes. Please the GOOD KAMA of yours bring to meet Massimo at the heaven on your regard...........