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Dylan Covey Jose & Mrs. Amelia Eun-Aejose (Washington DC, USA). 2010

In year 2010, Mr. Dylan Covey Jose & Mrs. Amelia Eun-Aejose (Washington DC, USA), the relatives of Mr. Robert Campbell and Mrs. Ginger Hobart, have donated a clean water pump well for the families in a rural area in Siem Reap province.

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Guzman Saviron and Mrs. Silvia Alayon (Barcelona, Spain)

Mr. Guzman Savirõn and Mrs. Silvia Alayõn were the tourists, donated 1 clean water pump well and a bicycle for a family, while they visited Siem Reap-Angkor, Cambodia during year 2010.

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Julie Tran & Mr. Rodney Turner (Aspen-Colorado). January, 2010

In January, 2010, Mrs. Julie Tran with Mr. Rodney Turner from Aspen-Colorado, have generous support the Clean Water & Education Project (CWEP), by contributing the funds for a construction of water well to help the poor poeple of Cambodia in a rural village of Siem Reap province while they made a trip tours to Angkor Wat and met me as their tour guide. Julie and Rodney had an occassion to learn about the CWEP and to undertanding about the living condition of the poor people with the problem of water drinking. On their return, they sarted to donated the funds for a construction of a well.

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