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Paul & Patricia (Grady Family: Bend, Oregon, USA). June 2012. Lvea village. Well No.98

Paul & Patricia (Grady Family: Bend, Oregon, USA). June 2012. Lvea village. Well No.98
Paul & Patricia (Grady Family: Bend, Oregon, USA). June 2012. Lvea village. Well No.98


In June 2012, Mr. Paul and Mrs. Patricia (The Grady Family from Bend, Oregon, USA), have generousity to support the CWEP by contributing the funds for a construction of water well to help the poor people in needs in a rural village of Siem Reap province. The well is installed on the own property of a family but saring the water with the families around. The beneficiaries are very happy in getting the clean water from the water well. 

As earlier as before they have got the water well they drank the muddy water which got from the well hole which dug in the maximum depth of 2 meters deep. With this depth the water is not clean but they could drink it without boiling because they are poor and have no fees to pay for installation of  the well to have the water to drink as well as have no choice since the region is dries up in the dry season.  In contras, in the rainy season the region becomes flooding. The flood covers the hole they dug and stops them from getting the water from it. There is onother choice is drinking the rain water, but the rain is not occurs everyday. In order to solve this problem there is only the best way is drink the flooding flow. The flooding flow is look much clear and clean they thought but it is wrong, they could not see the bacteria in the flooding. 

They cook, to do laundry, swimming, drinking the flooding flow as they thought it should be clean enought. In the dry season they start re-dig the hole to get the water again. They do this in habitual because of their living condition and their income is limit on food. They are very get used to in drinking the muddy water and  flooding by seasons. But this must cause them a big problem for the health. Clean eating, clean drinking is good health, but they are so far. After the new well construction just finished in next few days, the people around were collecting here and pumped the new well to get the water to drink or cooking. They are really happy with the new water well and they can sustaince their livelihood with some crops nearby the well because they have water in the dry and rainy season now. 

Thank you very to Paul and Patricia with your generous support the CWEP to survive the poor people in needs of Cambodia to access the clean water to drink for healthily. On the behalf of CWEP's Coordinator and all Teams of CWEP with the people of Cambodia, we are very much appreciate to your generous donations helping the poor people on time. We are very much thank you from our heartfelt and very happy with your efforts. We are praying the GOD bringing you with the best wish. 

“Help me Help others” 
"Ayúdame a Ayudar a los demás" 

-Lvea village
-Trapang Thom commune
-Bakong district
-Siem Reap province 
-Kingdom of Cambodia




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Mr. Paul Grady
Mrs. Patricia Grady
(Bend, Oregon, USA)

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