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Humanitarian Travel

The Cambodia Tour Guide & Travel has collaborative effort with the Foundation for Water and Education (FWEC). Many people have asked us about traveling to Cambodia on Humanitarian missions. With their assistance we can arrange for your travels to Cambodia to see for yourself the needs of the people and how your involvement may help. Arrangements could include visiting existing wells, visiting the schools where we are playing a supportive role or accompanying FWEC on an assessment mission and meeting the people we are working to help. 

Cambodia Tour Guide & Travel can combine your humanitarian tour with visits to the many of wonderful cultural sites of Cambodia as well as other local countries.
There are times when the opportunity exists for donors to be involved in the installation of a well or to work on other projects. This is a  great way to experience Cambodian culture, to feel the welcome and appreciation of the families and to have the satisfaction that comes from being directly involved.

FWEC also has an ongoing relationship with local schools where those who have a desire to teach english for a couple of hours or up to a day as part of their visit may volunteer.
Please contact us if you want further information about humanitarian travel. It is important to plan ahead as many of the areas we work in are affected by seasonal flooding and are not accessible at all times of the year.

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Graciela's Evaluation Mission of CWEP Project Trip. Jully 2011

In July, 2011, Mrs. Graciela ANDRADE-CIANFRINI (a Project Supportor and the fundraiser), came to Cambodia as the second time for her Evaluation Mission of the CWEP Project. I was took her a tour to visit the residential site of Project and shown her the thing ... More Detail